Udders In the Grass

He's in my computer on EP!  I log on, look at the window, and sometimes he's right there.  Sometimes I have to search around a little, but it isn't too hard to stalk a cow with udders like that!  He'd gone wandering out of the pasture for a short time, but I spotted his spots yesterday. 

Ah, yes, spring is in the air and the pasture is definitely greener!

Myonis108 Myonis108
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8 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Oh, but I will because my parents raised me right. I'd hate to get smacked upside the head with that cow tail. The lizard tail was bad enough!

Can I squeeze 'em and see how they feel?

They're quite, um, big? You sure did them right! We can have moocho fun with those bags!

Mewold, I am, but I like to play the field, or pasture in this case.

Gosh, Myonis, I thought you were sweet on me. (Sniff)

Yoo!Hoo! Peek a Boo! I see you! I think you got your udders done while you were gone. I won't tell anybody, though.

No! He got into some sort of cart thingy on a motorcycle and had the happy cow face! Goggles, the whole bit.

Is he in that brown Yugo?