Every Floor Has Face

Every since I was a little boy, I have always been able to see things for a different angle. Maybe it has something to do with how I'am or a mental sickness that I carry. None the less, when I look upon them I see faces. Some are regular faces and some are almost demonic looking. People have always thought that I was a weird person, and I can agree on that one. People have a hard time accepting me for what I'am, it's like I don't belong in this world. I live in a society that demands everyone to be perfect and the same. Everywhere I go, I can tell how people really are inside because I've met people like them before and they are always the same. Perhaps that is why I can see faces in the floor, I've been imprisoned into this crazy world for too long and I need a change. I hope that anyone will understand what I mean by this and that this isn't something that only happens to me.
Zedazih Zedazih
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i didnt know seeing faces on the floor was weird =/ because I do all the time. Its kind of like those psychological ink blots, everybody sees something different. Usually on tile or marble floors...one time i was getting a tattoo on lower back so I was leaning forward and facing the floor, and I couldnt help mentioning to the tattoo artist all the faces and things I saw in the floor. He kinda laughed, but looked at it for a minute and said, ya, I think i see it too. I think it takes an artistic/imaginitive type of person to see faces in unusual places. and I don't just see them in the floor, I've also seen them in trees and stuff. kinda creepy

When I see people I can relate to certain things in their lives. It's all about eye contact, you see in some regions of the persons face there is always a map. This map tells me all kind of stories about them. When you look at a persons eye for a time eventually the eyes you see in them will give you a brief information about their life. The map on their face is showing what type of personality and can thereby catch quite some information even though you haven't spoken to them yet.<br />
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That is how I read people though, and I can see many of their thoughts. To tell you the truth most people think about almost the same things.

See faces on the floor is not something completely abnormal. I find people who are able to see things differently as really interesting. I see faces at dark and when my vision gets blurry. My father says that happens from malnutrition, but the faces are there nontheless. Youre eyes arre really something, to know how someone is really like inside.

That should be considered a gift. Clouds are fun to do this with. I once found a beautiful owl in a sheet of plywood. It was plain as day to me and everyone else could see it only after I pointed it out. As you grow older you learn to guage your ability to express your insight to others in a way that does not "freak them out". I'll bet you find some really good friends here so return kindness with kindness and ignore the rest.

I see, is this something that almost everyone person possess? I started see these things for about 6 years ago that is also the year when I had my bad trauma and I'm still in it.. Makes me think that I will never get out of it.<br />
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I'm curious, what kind of things do you see? Most of the times, the faces I see are looking at me often with an angry tone. I have no idea how to explain myself further..

I see faces in the ceiling! and my hands. But I have to look closely. It's a perception thing, and of course what you see can be dependent on your mood. You probably have a lot of alpha brain waves, too.. good for cognition, imagination etc. As for societal norms... no one is normal. Normal is just between two extremes, a fantasy, and boring!

ehh, you're awesome. and i think people who can see things differently than others; are really cool, and normal. :D