I Believe I Am One Someone Please Comment.

Well i was playing with an ouija board and now im all messed up long story short, now i see shadows things in my closet move i wake up with bite marks on my ankles and red marks down my arms. I hear voices I hate them all I feel hands on my back yet no one is there.
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Oh yes I wish I had that demon

I'm being honest ur in danger get a priests help plez
God bless u

Let me guess u did not close the 'game' by saying by if so u left the 'portal' or 'door' open

Never ever use such a board wrong. It's unlucky if you don't know how to communicate right...

The red marks how many are thier

I cant remember six on top and six on bottom

Four red marks

hmmm....usually when I see a demonic attack it usually 3 dont ask y but im also a noob at this lol but I have had some experience in the field.

hmm... still going on or no

Not anymore

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Do a god damn cleansing spell bro

How if you dont mind

pray pray for jesus brother that is all i can say

I have been im about to burn my boards

Don't burn it, through it away, call for help from Jesus and God. This it more that any human can handle, only He can help.

I meant throw.

don burn them



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dude ouji boards are bad all they do is invite spirits and demons into youre house do you still have the board if you do dont burn it that will only close the portal and the spirits or demons will be stuck here in this demension forever

how long has this been going on?

About 3 or 4 months

hmm................... ok

Get rid of the board, repent and cry out to Jesus Christ my friend. This is a spirtual problem and only Christ is big enough to deal with your dabbling with occultic material.

Unless you properly closed the session and sent all the spirits away after you were done with the board, you've invited the spirits into your home and left them in this dimension. What all happened when you used the board? Did you close it properly?

Completely waited for their goodbye and now **** moves in my closet shadows of hands on the ceiling

I read the 23 psalms over until i felt light they came back and they wont let me go