Hi everyone, my name is Tanna. I know wierd name right thanks mom and dad for that. Well anyway I'll be telling all of you my experinces with ghosts and demons.One day when I was at home I started to get the wierdest feelings, so I decided to tell my friend about it. She then came to my house and also got the same wierd feelings. She spent the night at my house with my other 2 friends. Later on that night we were all in my room and then my friend that knew about everything kept going underneath my bed and attacking me and my other friends. We just thought she was joking and recorded it and laughed about it. It wasnt until she returned to normal that we all found out she was being possessd by a demon. I then saw my arms and they were scratched like hell and were finally starting to burn. My other friend also had scratches, but the other one didnt cuz she kept her distance from my possessed friend. I went to clean up and left my others friends in my room. When I came back in my friend was underneath my bed again. I wanted to mess with everyone so I turned off the lights. Then I felt more clawing at my arms and turned on the light. My friend ran back under my bed.Then I grabbed 3 bibles that I had in a drawer (ik its wierd to have 3 bibles but I do) and started saying "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS U!!!!" Well that didnt work, but later that night she returned to normal. Ever since that day she has been able to see ghosts and demons and I can sense then and on rare ocassions see them.
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It's a possibility that your friend was playing a prank on you, as for the and your friends could have an allergic reaction to something in the room or have carpet burn from rolling under the bed.
It could of been a possession too, call on the name of Jesus and God to remove the demon from her repeatedly. It could still be in her. Spirits cringe at the word of God and His name. When you read the bible to her, she most likely would of reacted in someway, was probably a prank.

Also the demon in her could have fake the thing that the demon was gone

Yep, demons are very smart. They will do just about anything to stick around. I once got a demon to pretend to pray once before. They will do "anything."

Nice to know thanks

Honey Demon's are nothing to mess with. I hope your friend is 100% clean. I hope the prayer worked. Was is just you or did the other friend join in? The reason you got the scratches is cause the demon knew you wanted to stop it. Watch your friend it can be dormant You may not of gotten rid of it. Demon's are nothing to mess with. By saying your not scared you open yourself up by saying it around your friend if it is not gone. There are things you can do to protect yourself. If you wear something that you never take off you can put a protection spell on it were no harm comes to you. I am sure your friends will read this an call me a nut job, but I only want you safe. I am new to the site, but I know I can get mail. If you want to write me feel free. I will be more then happy to help you. { Bless It Be }

She knows demons are nothing to mess with after that incident... -sighs- I remember I had a headache before the whole thing started... Yes I was the friend who was "possessed" pm me if you wanna know more about this story...

I have CP and Autism. Feel free to add me

I remember when this happened

I'm lost................

i figured as much im the demon who possessed ur friend

the thing that freaks the hell out of me is i sleep in a room where there was a demon not to long ago but that was when i older lived with us