From An Early Age...

When I was little I had an imaginary friend, I forget his name but my parents would remember probably. It was something like Frank or Jack, something simple. My parents always said I spent more time with him than real people. When we moved house when I was about 7(ish) I stopped seeing him. Today I realize if he was a ghost he was probably haunting our old house. (I should mention our old house is a really really old house, that has had a few people die in it.)

Also as a child I never watched Disney Channel. I usually watched SyFy or whatever the name of that one channel was before "The Hub" bought the channel (It is channel 105 on my TV) I use to watch "Truth or Scare" and other creepy shows that were on at midnight for teens to watch. Keep in mind I watched these shows from the ages of 6 and up (maybe sooner I don't remember.)

Ghosts never really scared me as a child. Maybe because I didn't really understand. Or maybe I am just a messed up kid..who knows? After we moved houses I started seeing a young woman (maybe 22 or 23) in a beautiful white (or light blue can't remember) dress. She would stand in my doorway and watch me. She didn't scare me though, she comforted me. I would always fall asleep with her there. After a few years though she stopped coming. Immedietly after she disappeared (for some unknown reason) I started having nightmares every night and I got to the point where I started sleeping with my parents every night. Eventually I got older and lost my sense of fear (which I will talk about later in this story) so I stopped sleeping with them and went back to sleeping in my own room.

I would see ghosts more and more often as I grew up. One of my favorite ghosts I call P.H. (which is short for Pumpkin Head) he died on Halloween and when he died he was dressed up with a pumpkin on his head or something. I don't know much about his death he always disappears when I bring it up. But P.H. refuses to cross over or whatever you do when you die. He won't tell me why and says he doesn't want my help. He does like my company though when he gets bored. He will often pull pranks on me and move my stuff around. On Halloween he is stronger than usual and will scare children and sometimes adults too. I met him when I was 11 and he is still around today. Not as often anymore though.

I also can see poltergeists (the best way to describe the difference between ghosts and poltergeists is that they seem to be a cross between a ghost and demon. I'm not sure if they are really really powerful ghosts or demons in spirit form. I have heard both theories) The only poltergeist that is my friend though is M.P. (Museum Poltergeist. Ghosts usually don't tell their names to me for some reason so I get the privilege of naming them.) Where I live there is this old museum which is haunted by MP. He lives on the blocked off third and forth flours. Being me, I decided to sneak up to the third floor and mess with him. (I like to annoy ghosts in my free time.) He of course got very angry and ended up pushing me down the stairs. Luckily I only twisted my ankle and got a few bruises. After that I would visit often and me and him started a war type thing. I would try to annoy him and he would try to kill me. This went on for a year before I decided to start being nice to him. I started helping him scare people and finally he decided to stop attacking me. I guess we aren't really 'friends' we are kind of 'frienemies' I guess. But either way, he is the only poltergeist I have met (that I know of)

So do you think I'm crazy yet? I am telling you the truth whether you believe me or not.

Well, in case you aren't creeped out enough yet, I will finish by telling you about something I mentioned earlier. I mentioned that I got rid of my fear. Yes, I don't have a sense of fear. I got rid of it. Mind over matter, you know? I choose not to me scared and I am not scared. Simple as that, most of the time anyways. Sometimes when I am really tired, or low on energy, I will get a sense of fear. But, most of the time I don't really get scared.

Well I hope you enjoyed the story of my life. This is really only the tip of the iceberg though. If I told you EVERYTHING we would be here all day.
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U played pranks on a ghost!....


Halloween and poltergeists are two of the most raved about spirits, which brings me to believe that this is a good story. Plus, if a demon were to really actually try to kill would be dead. I'm not 100% sure, because I'm not you, but I do know that spirits are more evil than what you described.

I actually find this extremely interesting and find it incredible how you can interact with ghosts and spirits. My aunt is a physic and I love her telling me stories of how she can interact with people who are no longer around. I would love to be able to do it. I once saw my great grandad outside my window when I was only young, it was amazing to see him one last time as we was very close. My baby cousin sometimes looks out my door and says 'grandad hello grandad' when no one has ever spoke to him about my great grandad. I just find it amazing and i don't think you're crazy x