Several years ago I was diagnosed as haveing an extreemely rare Eye condition, that means my eyes are somewhat over 100x more sensitive to light than normal, At night and in near total darkness I can see just fine, almost as if it were actually daylight for me, but in the day it is annother matter entirely,  have to wear a peaked cap and 2 pairs of extreemely dark specs, to stop my eyes being overloaded by the light arround me, unless that is, I stay in my home, which is kept darkened at all times.

Funnily enough however I am also a registered local Volunteer and Professsional Photographer, though I blind myself for 5 minutes every time I fire my Flash off.

The upshot is that for the rest of my life I will always be in some form of pain for at least part of every day, and will need strong painkillers just to lead as normal a life as I can under the circumstances.

McNightwatchman McNightwatchman
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2 Responses Nov 20, 2006

I am so sorry to hear you have this disorder. I can never remember the name of it. Like Rhodopsinosis or something like that right? <br />
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I just hope you have good pain meds. <br />
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that really sad to hear about the pain your going though<br />
but there must be some up side tell me about them please