ever since i was little, i was able to see the future. it was good up until my teen years.
my first ever experience was when i was about eight years old. i dreamt that my brother had paper and bolts with some coins under a mattress that we had in the garage. then i woke up with a freaky sensation. when i got out of bed and ate breakfast my brother got me to show me something. i walked with him to the garage and boom.. he had money hidden there just as i had suspected.

in more recent years it has developed to be a horrible burden. now all i see when i dream of the future is death and war and famine. sometimes my dreams are just pitch black.

when i was younger i also got many of talents that went along with the future seeing ability of mine. i was able to sense things when they were out of order. i could manipulate people in small ways and could even move very small objects with my mind. sometimes if i fix my eyes on a point and stare at the space around it i will be able to see small portions of the underworld or the spirit world.

the dreams have turned to nightmares now though. but now that the gift has turned into a curse i can at least try to prevent things from happening the way they are portrayed in these dreams
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I feel your burden, the future looks bleak, and these people have allowed it to happen, refusing to save themselves even though they know the consequence. "We know not what the weapons of WWIII will be, but WWIIII will be fought with sticks and stones." - albert einstein.
If only he could see the weapons, how much have you seen so far? I myself have seen very much, but am still looking for answers to more specific things, people, and places. Times have been revealed thankfully, at least I can give loved ones the knowledge of where to be, and when, to keep them safe. I'd like, if you'd also like to try something new, to finish my big job of bringing similar minds into one single effigy of thought and expansion. send a message if you're interested, or if you just want to vent, this stuff can stack up pretty quickly, nobody should feel like atlas. lol