I Used To Have To Film Them Daily

I was somewhat obsessed, every time there were lines in the sky I went out and filmed or took photos of them, I uploaded some videos here, from one day, Nov 7 2007, when I was shocked to see the whole sky full of trails. Some people think that is water vapor but water vapor evaporates soon after dispersal behind a plane or jet. These lines stayed all day. I will look for more of my pictures from different days. We are right next to the base that is the head of the 'Pacific Theater', at Hamilton Air Force Base in Novato CA. I have film of a lot of different aerial events near here, it is astounding. I will never believe they mean us no harm, it is against the grain, all of it, and now we all know about the HAARP events, so how can we deny the elites are doing what they want to us and the planet?

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Cool Caliper! I am going to check it out.

There is no doubt in my mind that Chem trails are meant to cause us bad health. several people have had samples of fallout from chem-trails checked for content. Here is just one of the more recent ones<br />

You can tell the person who comments to you in that manner that you can think for yourself without their advice or consent. <br />
It's probably a shill. Normal people question things, shills just come and say you're thinking wrong, or even put down the way you said something, without ever offering any alternative information to refute the story they are naysaying. I ignore them now, they just make me laugh.<br />
<br />
We have one sky trail today, but it is dissipating quite nicely, so I think it is water vapor.<br />
<br />
I have more info on haarp I am posting today...from all points of view...official and otherwise.