Tyranny And Corruption

The only constant in life is change. All great nations rise and fall. Tyranny and corruption will eventually fill all areas of all organizations sooner or later. This is a fact. The only way to maintain sovereignty and freedom is to stop such tyranny and corruption before it gains too much control over the people. Evil is not an ignorant force. It understands that people have a short attention span and understands that its agenda must be brought on slowly, so slow that the people will not even see it until its too late. Tyranny twists the truth. Tyranny distracts the people and uses smoke and mirrors to redirect the attention of the people from one topic to focus on another. Tyranny tries to please the mass populous and to give them what they want so that they may win the vote and appreciation of the masses. Tyranny Wants people to be addicts, addicts are easy to control. Tyranny wants dependants; those who are dependant are easy to control. Tyranny wants fear to populate the people’s minds before they speak. Tyranny wants their power to continue to grow at any and all cost. Tyranny uses diversity as a tool of separation. Tyranny desires the abomination of spirituality. Tyranny wants to control what the people reads, watches and all information the public has access to. Tyranny promotes poverty, promotes weakness, and promotes conformity. Tyranny does not want the population to have the right to assemble; they do not want the public to have the right to protect them selves. Tyranny punishes the honest and is lenient on the criminal. Tyranny punishes the successful and is lenient on the lazy. Tyranny promotes an attitude of inhibition and limitation.
Corruption is greedy. Corruption is insincere. Corruption desires more, more power, more money, more control. Corruption wants to take from those who have more. Corruption wants the truth to be twisted or hidden from the people. Corruption wants the mass populous to dwell within a state of ignorance and confusion. Corruption wants everyone upon the same financial level. Corruption can be found within every organization and establishment. Corruption is not white, it is not black. Corruption is colorless. Corruption is not limited to any specific belief or ideology. Corruption is the lust to control all things.

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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

This just about sums it all up! Outstanding! I read it over twice. TY!