I Like To Think I Can

Some people are easy to see through while others are harder. I like to think I can makes it easier to by pass them and go own about my own business.

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I like your comment Juliegirlie thank you.

*°* curtsy *°*

The people whom one can see through are surely those which do not have anything to hide. They will be shown with you such as they are. You can read in them as in an open book.<br />
This book is their heart!

I hear you there.

I know what you mean. I do as well when talking with certain people.

I think you are even if you don't. If I said what pops in my mind I would be in trouble with my big mouth.<br />
I have to think before I say any thing.

Thanks for thinking so I just say what pops in my mind at the time.

I agree Liz is a wise lady.

My BFFLiz true said...:)

Thats one way to do it.

Not so funny when it happens to you and no way to get rid of them.

Three of the same post looks like I lost my mind so I edited since it could not be deleted

You are such a charmer so I will keep you close just to keep an eye on you.

Your comment told me hey she did not pass you by so all is good.

Sweetheart you are a friend so that should tell you something.

Why not ?

Oh no I will never tell you.

Which one am I ?