It May Take Me a While.

 Especially if you are to close to me.    That throws my instincts off a bit.


 But when I am on the outside, looking in, I  can pin point  whats what.

 How I act upon it is something I have  to consider a great deal.  


 ***************proof is in the pudding.   I  removed one such someone quitly from my circle, and when she noticed it..................ALL HELL BROKE LOSE here for me. She hides behind lies, and continues to create drama by writing passive aggressive story's  about me.  

 Even in this group, she has posted one such story. The only ones dumb enough to support it are the ones she leads around by the croutch.

 Thing is, I started this group, and wrote this story  LONG before  she noticed.

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4 Responses May 12, 2009

i am only just learning to trust my instincts again, after spending too many years with drink clouding my judgement! My main difference to how i used to be is that i sit back and consider my options with most things, and also if i make the mistake of telling the person i feel uneasy around them, they almost always have a go at me and tell me i'm mad and judgemental!

Lazardking im the same way.

This is something I have always had, and have always found it so hard to understand why other people can't see what I see.

yeah.. i'm not really good at that =/ lol