I Can See Through People....but That Might Be Because Christopher Reeves Was My Grandfather.

(christopher reeves was superman, just in case you didnt get the reference)


  Everyone that i notive being fake i call on it. I dont believe people should live this way, i would prefer not to. also i try to do this in a nice way possible and by explaining why i believe that thier body language was contradicting what they where saying. I have always loved books on body language and facial recognition.


"but it might get your *** killed"

phobeusapollo phobeusapollo
3 Responses Aug 10, 2009

marine2543....you might have something wrong deep deep inside you. or you could have me deep deep inside you. whichever makes you feel more uncomfortable.

yeah well thats the idea, to be killed, by the beast, so I wish that you could know me, maybe someday you will,,,Love and Light Mary

Oh How often do you play with yourself. We can all see you when you do. When you call out your own name....