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It almost feels like a sixth sense sometimes, because I have always been able to pick up vibes from people easily, and over 90% of the time my intuition turns out to be correct about whoever is around me (and most of the time they are negative). Although, countless times before I have tried to put my inner feelings aside because I did not want to come off as judgemental or feel like I'm being close-minded. But now I feel like that isn't the case anymore, and my gut instinct is the most trusting of them all. I can pick up vibes from others even when we aren't face-to-face (i.e. talking to a long distance friend via internet or on the phone), sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's hard for me not to pin-point the small flaws which bother me in my friends, but it still irks me because of the fact that I can see or know certain things about them which others can't see. There isn't much of a "conclusion" to this story, but I felt the need to share mine with others who can relate, because I have met very few others who could.

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Very enlightening post, thank you for commenting Ellejuice :)

Absolutely agree with you. I am a carer, also I study NLP, and when you attune yourself to nuances in speech patterns, tone, inflection and even sometimes the things that people don't say then you can pick up a huge amount of information. As a carer your instincts become very sharp, and I have developed them from an early age. 93% of communication is non verbal! <br />
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The other thing to remember is that we only have one relationship in this world, that is the one we have with ourselves. Everyone is a mirror of your own emotional state. So by that token if you listen carefully to their attitude to you and observe their body language and speech you can learn volumes about people and what makes them tick.<br />
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