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I’ve always had what I have thought is very strong “women’s intuition.”  Over the past two years, I’ve had two specific experiences of sensing what I think is death looming.  Both times I have thought it was going to be me or my husband, but it’s been close family.  It’s a dark, strange feeling almost like someone is watching me in the night.  Both times I’ve prepared and tried to protect my husband and I with anything that is supposed to bring spiritual protection.  Both times I’ve failed because it’s not us, but someone close.  I really hate that I can’t pinpoint who or when, only that it’s around, that it’s soon and it could be us or someone we’re related to.  I’ve had that feeling again and it started last night.  I felt like someone grabbed me on my right rib cage at about 5:00am.  It jolted me out of my sleep.  I just got a call from my mother in law that my husband’s sister is being sent somewhere.  She is in the military.  I fear the worse coming soon or that it has already happened.  I really hate this.  Does anyone else have anything similar happen to them?  I mean, that really actually happens to them.  Not something made up for attention, not something imagined, not something that only happens after watching a scary movie or having some other type of influence? 
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It's been so long since I've been here, and the responses I've received have been so enlightening. It seems I can sense when things are coming. It's so calming to know it happens to other people.

I found out after writing this post, only a few short days, that my husbands uncle had a bad accident, and he didn't make it. We had family coming into town to visit, and they had to cut the visit short to say goodbye to my husbands uncle in the hospital, before he passed away.

I hate that I don't know what to do, with whatever it is, this is. Thankfully I haven't had "that feeling" in a long time. Well, sort of. I've had a creeping feeling over the past few months that I'm trying not to dwell on because I don't like what it points to.

So now what? Is there anything we can do to hone in on this subtle natural ability? Or do we just have to deal with the fact that we know, but can't do anything?

Hi Courtney! My name is Mark, and since I was 20 yrs. old I have had weird feelings towards specific people in my family and those outside of my family. I have kept it a secret for many yrs., because I had no idea at first what these feelings were about. Wherever my eyes were focused on on their bodies, that is what causes them to die. (about a few months later) I still have these feelings. You are not alone.

I too have a sense of death. I first felt it back in 1983, right before my father died. I knew someone close to me was going to die. I was panic stricken and believed it was my mother. I kept watching over her, worried about her leaving the house and constantly called her. I'm experiencing this feeling even more so now. <br />
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I can be having an ordinary day, just doing anything, and a stillness, or like a calmness comes over me and I know " death is coming". It doesn't scare me as much anymore. I never know who it is, and it's not like I can prevent it. but each and every time, I will get a phone call regarding the death of someone I know. <br />
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I felt the passing of my grandfather, even before I was notified. Pretty much like the experience of the previous writer Ms Divine Beauty. I also had to rush into the bathroom at work and began crying uncontrollably. That was scary! The reaction was so intense! <br />
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I don't know guys. It's a mystery. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm going to search for that information " Sensitives". A clairvoyant, told me a few weeks ago " you'll always have it" " you're sensitive that way". Her exact words!

My recent experience has led me to this website. For the past seven years, I have had experiences where I am suddenly stricken with an overwhelming anxiety that I can't explain, and within a few days, I discover someone I know has passed away. It first started in 2005, when I woke up early in the morning, and the anxiety was there, and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got dressed and went to work early. I sat at my desk and prayed, but the feeling didn't leave until about an hour later. That's when I received a call from my aunt that someone I knew from church had been murdered by her boyfriend. After that, every time I get that feeling, someone died within a few days. My close friend, great aunt, great uncle, boyfriend, grandfather, aunt, etc. All day today, I have had that feeling, and it was so overwhelming this afternoon that I hid in the restroom at work, and began crying. I always pray that whoever it is, may they have an opportunity to get things right with God and have peace with their life before they pass on. Just like those that made comments before me; I never know who is going to die until after it happens. Right now, I have two family members that are really sick, but you never know... It could be anyone. I remember reading somewhere on the internet that there are certain people that are called "Sensitives" that have this form of ESP.

Ohhh noway I thought I was the only one. Not a nice feeling I cant say who is going to die but i feel it my grandfather passed , my friends sister and a friends partner passed all in the space of two months. The day before my grandfather passed it really got too much the feeling was over whelming I had a pretty bad panic attack and had to phone my mum everyday leading up to this panic attack as I was so scared of the feeling my mum put it down to just having a baby but never had that after the other 3 children ... scary i now phone all my close family at least once a week and keep in contact via fb just to mk sure everyone is ok :(

I can actually sense who it is which makes it even more intense.

I am the same way. I sense it, but cannot pin point who. Once I was able to know that it would not be family, but someone close to a family member. My dad got a call the next day that my cousin had been in an accident and her boyfriend had died instantly. That was the first time it happened. I was maybe 19 or 20. The next two times it happened, I knew it would be family. With two to three weeks someone was gone (grandmothers both times....mine and my then husband's). When my aunt died, I didn't probe (that's what I call it where I try to at least figure out of it's family or not, I just search the vision I get--it's always a skull or skeleton that just flashes in my mind.) My dad and my ex husband were the only ones who knew, but two weeks ago, I got the same vision and knew right away it was someone that my husband was close to, but not necessarily family (wasn't sure on this one and know why now)... this morning I woke up to my husband telling me his best friend from Indiana has killed in a motorcycle accident. With me, it's a feeling that alerts me and almost immediately, I get that vision. Usually when it's an older person, I see a skeleton shriveled up/curled up. It reminds me of old age or suffering. The two times I've seen just a skull, it's been those two accidents. The first time and this time. You're not alone.

My heart skipped a beat when I read your post. I have correctly sensed death on people of three close people to me. The first one to die I was hanging out with in college and contemplating if I liked him, we were all a little drunk. All of a sudden like a ton of bricks my mind zoned in and I got my first mental image ever. Black with a skull or skeleton head. I ran home. He died a week later. I cannot believe you actually said that has happened to you. I don't feel so alone.

I get this overwhelming sense of death and it comes out of no where. I have had atleast five or six incidents when this happened. I don't get a "vision" that a particular person is going to die and when, I just get this overwhelming sense of death. It has actually scared me a couple of times. I have absolutely no control over it and it just comes out of the blue. The feeling is slightly different but it clearly is death. There have been a couple of cases when I actualy started tearing up.

I am feeling the same intuition you are feeling. 2 years ago I felt a very eerie feeling, like a sense of death. I could only imagine that this is what you feel when you are dying just before the lights go out. It is calm, but eerie, and very hard to explain. After I felt this, a co-worker died 2 days later. I felt it again june 20th of this year, my father passed away 5 days later on the 25th. I am a little freaked out, because I don't know anybody who feels this. I am feeling it just before people close to me die and when I ask other people if they have felt this, they say they never have. I often wonder if I am out of the ordinary and worried about everybody when I have this feeling.

Everyone going over seas knows it may happen to them. I had friends who felt going out on a patrol would be their last day in this world. They never got an injury in their tour. If its your time its going to happen. We were all scared knowing it could happen.