I Can Sense Death In Others Before It Happens.

Over the years I have become more and more gradually interested in the abnormal. The way I think of the "abnormal" is not abnormal at all. I think everyone can develop their senses to of another frequency than ours. It's becoming more recognized as I read on even on this site. You can check out some of the groups on my page for referencing. I'm going to add a couple of stories of my own to enlighten you with what I mean exactly.

I was sitting in a room full of people mostly guys because of my relationship at the time with someone. I was looking around in the room and observing each individual and I noticed through out the night that I kept glimpsing over to one guy in particular. His name was Dan and he had attended a very popular high school with in my home town. So, if you can imagine sitting in a room full of people he was pretty popular. What stood out the most was his shirt which was of a band that I liked. I remembered wanting to tell him that he should give me his shirt (for fun.) So I guess there was some type of connection don't know exactly what and just clear things up the connection was not of some romantic level either. As the night went on we were all chatting and having beer, but for some reason I was really off in my head, being introverted myself I tend to do this a lot, I kept hearing "heart attack" every other time I would glimpse at this guy. Strange I thought so I shrugged it off. Than the word became more frequent "heart attack."

It was about a week or so since the get together and than my boyfriend at the time had received a call someone telling him that Dan, had been found in bed that morning with unknown  heart failure.

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I get a weird rush of thoughts and memories whenever I hug a living object that dies soon after I was 14 and my uncle had a black dog named cece I was hugging her as I was about to leave his house and got a weird rush of colors and images I couldn't recall so I stopped hugging her said goodbye and asked my mother for medicine to help my head the next day I heard that cece has passed away This is not the only time I was coming out of school on day and had a rush of memories and images I could recall but couldn't put my finger on as I walked away from my friends approaching my house I started to cross the street and a woman started to drive her car towards me slowly I didn't think anything of it thinking she would stop but she didn't so I smacked the hood of her car to stop and she looked up and apologized. I have always felt something was wrong with me. Some woman used to speak with me when I was younger she said I was a special boy and before she died 3 years ago she said "It's ok I will always be with you" She was not related to me but raised me as a child. My parents said she was a weird woman she used to say strange words to me as she would leave our house putting me to sleep my mother said she once hear her say "Death is too common maybe you will know".

My father died January 16th of this year suddenly at home. Right around dec 30th, I had this overwhelming intense feeling that "death was creeping in". So many odd things happened before and now after his death, that are blowing my mind. I've always had the gift, but now more so than ever.

I also think that...

I start talking about death when it is about to happen.I feel driven to tell this story about Larry F from back home in Sudbury Ontario.He was a straight up guy till he began to act wierd at 18.He started telling friends that he would die in 7 days.I knew his friends from High School and they were shocked by what he kept talking about.<br />
<br />
On the 7th day Larry's dad asked him to carry some plywood to the shed before it rained.Larry was blown apart by a bolt of lightening.No rain yet just one BIG bolt !<br />
<br />
When I tell this story someone dies and I told the story 3 summers ago to my friend and his beautiful wife Nancy.I felt driven to tell it because I think I felt death in the room.Nancy died 2 weeks later.Steve told me the otherday that she was actting wierd for weeks before her death.<br />
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The other night I had a visitor called Ron and AGAIN I felt death and told the story.Today I felt a dread and I can't tell who it will be but it feels close like a relative.Hope it's not Ron becasue he just lost his wife weeks ago to a stroke.<br />
<br />
I will let you know who it is when it happens.I hope I'm WRONG but that dread made me a little anxious today.Today is Tuesday August 14th /2012 and I'll let you know because I'm sendinding this post to my Hotmail.

Forgot to add,,, I'm 3 for 3 with this death smell thing.

I get a smell. I dont know what the smell is, but I've identified this smell as "The Death Smell."<br />
It only comes to me when someone I'm close with is about to die. The last time it came to me, I was sitting at our kitchen table eating supper. I shrugged it off, but the smell was all around for the rest of that night. Two days later, myself and 2 of my friends were in a car accident, and my 2 friends were both killed.

I don't know if I've experienced the same smell but does the smell kinda resemble like flowers but like a weird sent of it?

I still get goosebumps.

i cant imagine what must have gone through your mind the day you found out Dan died. your thoughts must have been endless?