Do You Smell Flowers?

Ever since I can remember I have been able to tell when someone is about to die or when death has passed. It isn't that I stand next to someone and say "oh, it's their time" I normally have some kind of connection, friend, family or acquaintence. I always smell flowers, if it is a light scent death is coming, if it is strong scent, death has passed by. I can sense danger and normally can give warning, I usually pray for the best. I use to sleep walk to my parents room and reinact someone dying, and usually within the week we would hear of someone dying and how it happened, it was just as I had acted it out. It does not bother me nor my family, I have had friends that have been somewhat skeptical until it has happened either death or me forwarning them about something. I don't mind having this "ability" it just can be upsetting sometimes.

joylovefaith joylovefaith
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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I have that ability of flower smelling, but I don't sleepwalk and sometimes its not very accurate. I can also sense the weather by the way people act, which is crazy and always accurate. But thats a pretty cool ability you have.

Yes, I didn't think of it before but flowers definitely have a relationship to death in my experiences. I don't mean to sound trivial but really, maybe that's why they are always flowers at any life ritual like funerals or weddings, or to tell someone you love them just because.... your experience with acting out a death is way beyond anything I've heard or known. You should explore that more.

Wow. My sister can sense death from close relatives too. I don't think I could handle having that ablility.