I've been having very intuitive experiences lately and I'm honestly very confused. Ex: if I am going to be doing something later and made plans with friends, I will know in my mind if that plan is going to come through or not and 99 percent of the time I am right. I also can just be sitting around doing nothing and a very bad feeling or vibe will wash over me and then something bad or unfortunate or something I don't particularly find comforting will happen. I have also had dreams that some how perdict what my day will consist of and when I wake up I have a strong feeling that the dream really meant something. My best friend and I are also known to say the same things at the exact same time out of the blue... I'm very into vibes and when I have a bad vibe about someone i tend to stay away and an example of that is my ex best friend has been giving off bad vibes to me lately and I ended up ending the friendship... I feel better about ending it and my mind seems clearer. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense I'm typing as I'm remembering things and things are popping up as I go. I'm really confused... Idk if I'm just crazy or if I'm extremely intuitive or maybe I have an ability.. Can someone help me... Does anyone else know what I'm going through?
MarissaDreams MarissaDreams
22-25, F
Aug 27, 2014