Why Don't People Believe That A Guy Can Sew?

I borrowed my ex-wife's sewing machine so that i can work on a special project for my job. (Keep in mind that she WAS married to me for over 10 years.) She asks me if I know HOW to sew. Yes! I know HOW to sew. I have known how to sew since before I even MET her, but she was better than I was so I just let her do any sewing around the house.

I go to Hancock Fabrics to get the material and thread to actually SEW my project. I was telling the lady that was measuring out the material what I was doing. She actually stopped and asked me, " You mean that YOU are going to sew this?" YES! Damn it. I can sew. I may be a little out of practice, but I can and WILL sew this project.

This project also requires some velcro be sewn in, but I want some blue colored velcro to match the material. Hancock didn't have it, so I go to Walmart. I needed a little help finding it, but a lady working in the arts and crafts section helped me. as i was mentally calculating how much velcro I would need, she asked me, "YOU can sew?" GOD DAMN IT!!!! Yes, I can sew. And I told her, "Yes. I can sew... I can sew. I can cook. I can change a diaper. I can even do the windows. Have a nice day."

Why is it so hard for women to believe that a man can sew? I can probably sew better than most of the people that found it so incredible that I can sew. I just had to remember things... like pinning the material.....
Maagrath Maagrath
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Once my daughter stopped nursing I went to work part time in a fabric store. It was a huge deviation from my previous career but I learned how to sew and knit and all that growing up so it was a good fit for that stage in my life.

Let me tell you, I cannot understand why so many people have a hard time believing men can sew. I saw hundreds of women come and go over the years with these grandiose plans and complicated quilt patterns. They would come in, select all the fabric, interfacing, notions, closures, and accompaniments to make this overly ambitious project, and then once they bought all the stuff they'd run home to get started. Inevitably, almost every single one of them came back within a few days livid because we didn't tell them this would be hard, or because they were embarrassed at their lack of skill.

I'm not a damn mind reader. If you have no experience sewing then start with a pillow case and work your way up from there! All I can assume from your post is that you've got lots of people in your life that aren't comfortable or familiar with people crossing societal gender norms. Or they've simply had too many experience like mine and they instinctively ask everyone if they can sew. I'm guessing it's the former, but regardless good for you for sewing. It's a skill that will save your *** from time to time, and you can fully indoctrinate yourself into the world of crafters and fabric hoarders anonymous if you so choose. Either way keep on keepin' on. ;)