Is It Pure Obsession Or Is It Stalking

Someone wanting to know every thing in youre life. Almost constantly smsing you or even telling and asking you if you would go drink coffee with him after i told him i am feeling sick and then he goes and asks me if he can come to my house and drink coffee and bring cookies and meet my parents its is really Creepy he goes lol i truly believe that wasn't a joke.
And me not wanting to be with him and me wanting to be single and enjoying my life and spending time with my fam and friends and then he goes and tells me maybe i am supposed to be alone cause of me not wanting to date him i think he feels he has the right to say that to me.
I have told him in so many ways that i have no interest in any man at this moment and that i wan't to enjoy my life and live my life to the fullest what so ever but he doesn't seem to respond very well.
He goes and compares other girls with me and tells me that no girl is like me and he wishes that every girl he meets can be like me.

He is turning 40 this year and i have no intention or any need to date him what so ever or any man now at this moment. He is suppose to be one of my friends and he goes and does that. He is either really obsessed or he is a stalker.
Alyzia Alyzia
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2013