I Miss Spending Time In Bookshops

When travelling to a different place or city, I usually try to check out bookshops whether they be inside a mall or in some commercial parts of the city. There is something about bookworms that gets them excited to see whats the latest on the literary world or if the new book of your favorite author has already reached the shelves. Things would be easy if you could find that one book you really like or the book you've been dying to read. But oftentimes, and it happens a lot to me, I get to spend more time than I originally planned to. (A friend once got angry at me for spending almost two hours inside a large bookstore after we agreed on going separate ways doing our own shopping. I got lost track of time.) I browse just about every book that gets my attention, whether it may be because of its title or frontpage. I try to think about the story inside and how it could end. I imagine. Then I get lost from the real world outside. You know how it is when you get inside a really quiet shop and everyone gets lost in that bubble they have while browsing through books. If you could just see what they are interested in reading, its like looking into their minds and their souls. I think that, for lack of quiet moments at work or at home, you could spend at least a short while dreaming and wishing and hoping and planning. Some people may get inspired to start a career. Some may dream of travelling to far away places. Housewives want to learn to cook better. Students aiming for the bright futures. It may sound cliche, but moments like these, inside quiet, homey bookshops, brings you to that place where you could just be whoever you want to be. And you find, even after you've gone out, that life holds a lot of hope.
coffeedreamer coffeedreamer
31-35, F
Sep 11, 2012