every time when me and my husband starts having fun..i always ask him suckle my nipples first...only than i'll have mood for husband is a bit lazy on doing that..he always suckle my boobs just for a minute...he always wanted to finish early...i never satisfied with him... i want my boobs suckle for hours...i've a big boobs that men love to play husband don't use it well...can someone give any suggestion to make my husband suckle my boobs for a long time...
manishanatwarlal manishanatwarlal
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seduce him wearing....sxy outfits...on which u booobs...must reveal.....juicy....and milky.......u can apply Ice cream or Honey attract him....

If still it does'nt work.....then my services always available......for hours and hours....

tell him the more he sucks on u the bigger your boobs and nipples will get. if that doesn't work marry me.

This is so typical of life. Men That really love BIG BOOBS get so turned on by them when they are young that they won't approach a young lady that has them, they lack the self confidence. So Busty Young ladies often end up with a LEG man, and Vice Versa. It is human nature that we are our own worst enemy. Oh, there are many exceptions to the rule but it is a constant cause of frustration in life.

i would love to suckle them all that milk spilling out my **** would be hard

are you in bangalore?
we can mutually help each other and I am sure I can suck for hours together, lick round and round on nipples and u can have amazing fun...
reach me on tugo14 at g m ai l

Not quite sure why he wouldn't but I'd love to.

Well if the rack that is on your profile is yours, I don't see how in the hell your husband does not suck on those beautiful ****, but maybe he can try flavored lotion. Sorry to here about this, and if you are ever in my area I would be pleased to help you out

Just talk to him.<br />
I bet he surly do that.<br />
If he doesnt then he is loosing most precious thing of life.

I think you should have the unknown guy over and let him take care of your **** sucking them for hours! Then your husband can move down to your ***** where he wants to be and you will be in sexual heaven!!

nothing you can do with that some men are lazy when it was already for them otherwise you should try a man who will enjoy it as much as you all want and all your body is suck as never you imagine because men love to suck like baby.

Does he like Chocolate or Honey? Try coating them and ask him to lick it off like a dessert :)

I will suckle them for you so you are ready for his ****. If he wont give it to you, I will have my **** out for you to suck and **** .... i like boobs, lol

Just an idea just cut off the goodys until you get what you want done first. that may sound mean but you are the one that is doing for him also.

heyy...i jus read ur two stories..and i really found it hot..=D<br />
ahh...i wish i was the lucky guy who got to suck ur boobs...hehe..looking at ur pic...i could really do your boobs a really good sucking...and then i could start to lick ur nipples while i bit it a little...hehe...then i would lick ur whole boobs....and since ur boobs are big..i would put my penis in between ur boobs..and ask you to ********** my penis for would be really can really satisfy you ..although by me..i really can make u *** so hard..and make u squirt all over my face while i lick ur ***** liquid...hehe...=D<br />
baby...reply me ...^^.....really hoping to hear from u...i wanna chat with you..and make u satisfied...i wanna let u know how a guy can satisfy ur needs =)