Hours And Hours

By: demorcan
Age: 56-60, Man
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I love the feel of ***** flesh. It does not matter if it is in my hands or mouth. It is just such a wonderful feel. I had a wife who enjoyed it also. She said there was a special nerve than ran from her *** to her ****.

Now it is just dreams. I would so love again to lay by someone have a pair of stress breasts to squeez. I do not who came up with stress balls. I am not sure I want to. I know it was a woman and if she finds it relaxing to sqeeze balls, I do not want to knwo any more. Ahhh, but stress breasts. To start to by squeezing and working my way around slowly. MIxing the caresses with kisses occasionally.

The joy to take my time and not be rushed into another activity. In my younger days I did not mind being rushed. But as I have matured, I have found sex is a 24/7 activity with foreplay and afterplay continuous and occasionally interupted by intercourse.

Eventually I begin on that 2nd mound of ***** flesh with one had while I add a few nibbles to the kisses on the breast I first started with. While I work around the 2nd breast, I move over so my mouth can kiss and suck on it. As I do, I feel that soft tummy beneath me and move my hand to breast departed. Slowly I work my way around and make love to the awesome *******. As I aam loving the 2nd breast, my fingers have finally reached the nipple. I work the nipple sometimes, pushing into the ***** flessh, sometimes twaeking and pinching. Until at last there is an ******.

Then thins heat up. The slow loving ot ***** flesh becomes a harder working and nibbling. One of the nipples I draw into my mouth as I push the other nipple into the breast with my hand and rub in harder. I bring my tongue into play and then my teeth as I work the hard nipple. Sometimes Imy tongue pushes the nipple down into that wonderful ***** flesh. Then my lips pull the ***** flesh around it as I nibble the flesh until at last the nipple pushes it way through the cocoon of ***** flesh. I continue this until there is another ******.

Then I move my mouth back to the first ***** and give its nipple my attention. As I play with the nipple with my mouth, my hands kneed the ***** flesh and tummy. I play until another ******. By this time I am more in tune with her hody. I can feel if she wants to harder and rougher, or liek I have been doing. I can tell if she wants me to lower my hand down her body.

Eventually she will begin to time of orgams abd become sated. Then I will again pleasure each nipple gently for awhile wiht mouth and hand getting gentler as I go. Thus I start the afterplay. Going from the nipple to my hand squeezing that splenduous flesh. . Squeezes slow to gentle caresses as slowly I let glide into a relaxed state and perhaps sleep. At last I caress the mounds of ***** flesh as I started and myself fall asleep content to have enjoyed the heavenly feel of ******* again.

As you perhaps may be able to see, I really do love ***** flesh. Alas the women my age are no longer interested and a young woman needs a man her age. Tis just a dream made of many of my past memories.
demorcan demorcan
61-65, M
May 12, 2012