Over the summer I started to get really sick feeling. I'd go to sleep and have this reoccuring nightmare. I'd never remember it once I woke up but I'd stay up about 3-5 days straight trying to avoid it. I hated not sleeping but I knew if I slept the same fate would be waiting for me in my dreams. I ended up being forced to the doctors and out on heavy dosage meds that kept me out for almost two days straight. The nightmares stopped for a while. Then they came back twice as hard. As of now I haven't had a nightmare since August. I'm still waiting though.
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must be pretty bad

Oh it is. But you learn to get used to it. :)

Wats was the nightmare if you dont mind me asking...

I would tell you, but I really don't remember. If I start having them again I'll write them down and tell you. (: