sometimes i can stay up 24 hours sometimes i cant when i was younger not much younger i have been able to stay up 24 hours strait

i havent tried it recently but i dont think i really want to at the moment unless i really have to

but as long as i get to sleep for the next 24 hours lol

ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

lol thats the only time i do it now <br />
but when i was younger i would stay up just because i knew i could do it <br />
awww cq NO!!! flash backs lol <br />
the to worst letters that could be put together <br />
that could brin frear in to anyone <br />
lol ok cq is not that bad but when you are in baisc or A.I.T it can be very bad <br />
for anyone <br />
i still have nightmares about lol no not really but when i came back home from A.I.T<br />
i just kept thinking someone was going to wake me up for cq then i relized i was home <br />
not a good feeling though

why would you want to??? :) unless you had cq...

lol you might be able to but there have been times where i stayed up 74 hours so its not a big deal but i only do it when i have to i really value mysleep now lol

I can easily beat you with 36 hours , lol , this is sick .