Forgive Me, Hollywood.

Scared a lot of folks there. Sometimes with the truth, sometimes with the fact they'd prefer to keep things private. Other mistakes in the pre-edit have hurt.

Broken a lot of hearts I suppose. I can clean up any article that doesn't sound like music to your ears.

I just sent Seth Green and Chuck Norris a letter. Didn't think I'd send anymore but I had a compelling reason to send it.

I don't doubt what I can do to slice people open and discover their hidden parts but the answer to your question Seth Green is "Nu". You know, the Nu from Chrono Trigger.

Don't worry either I won't tell about your _u_ _ l e_ M_ _ a _ _ n _ _ . Not that anyone cares any ways. You see I don't ask anything, people just tell me stuff straight from their subconscious.

Any ways money is money.

Faith Hill has been tripping out for the last few weeks and I can't figure out why. Ask her what has been troubling her over the last few weeks that's in her heart. Make it a rhetorical question so she doesn't have to answer it directly. The answer to her trouble is simple "What would Jesus do". Sounds silly but that will solve it completely.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I'd rather work along side some of the people that I have a fascination with rather than them be mad at me. Not a bad idea, right?
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Oct 20, 2012