Maybe I'm Just A...

mind reading addict. I can't seem to get away from it now. People just want to tell me what they're feeling and it seems there's no escaping it.

I thought I was done writing articles but it's just hilarious that everyone and their brother's mother wants to give me their 2 cents about how they're feeling.

Drew Brees thinks all my articles are just stories.

Well what he doesn't realize is that interactive dreams can unveil a lot about another person. Encoded in each experience is information specific to the person that shows up in my dream... but the catch is sometimes only the person that shows up can fill in the blanks and details to validate that thing.

I don't like to explain what I know something implies about something if it's not a good thing (like George w Bush re-solidifying his bond with his wife), especially if someone else confirms it in a different way at a later time. It takes someone with knowledge of this stuff to point out what every detail means or alludes to and I've stopped doing that citing that people aren't comfortable about me pointing each thing out. This is how I got a lot of people to dislike what I do with dream study and telepathy.

And for James Wood he was grateful for pastrami today. Sounds Yummy. I remember the day when I could go out and get a sandwich of any type virtually any time I was hungry.

Well enjoy your own conclusions or milk me for my own. And yes, that would require asking a question. Either way I probably know a little more than you think.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 13, 2012