Telepathy From Thomas S Monson

In meditation about 7 days ago I was focused on Thomas Monson. I was wondering why he hadn't taken action on a letter I sent to him. Thinking he might have a solution or might be enlightened about some of the deeper mysteries of the soul, I felt out his energy field and, I kid you not I heard 4 words squeak out.

"Talk to Scott Thompson!"

Was rather weird. I didn't think this was the right person to turn to for help.

I tracked down someone who knew him, got his e-mail address, e-mailed him and asked if he had any jobs available.

He was nice, not remembering who I was.

"I'm not quite sure who you are. Can you give more information about how we know each other? As far as open jobs are concerned, I don't know of any at the moment. Sorry I couldn't be of more help."

So where does the data fall? is this a true reflection of Thomas's feelings for me? Does he know more? Did Thomas pray for this outcome?

Who knows. A true answer seeker will go the distance to uncover the depths of some of these mysteries. If it were no so I don't think he's quite the astral scientist as a crazy man like me is. I go the distance, I do the research, I try to find the answers even if it makes me look crazy.

If I were to speak to Thomas S Monson I'd love to know if any of this entered his conscious mind. Either way it appears the subconscious operates automatically, socializing with anyone who interacts with it, in dreams and meditation. It appears most of the conversations that occur aren't conversations that enter the conscious mind of anymore than 1 party.

Well this is what I suspected and believed before the experience occurred and ended but it's rather fascinating to suggest that someone who is looking for answers gets further validation through small and simple means like these. The final word about what has gone through Thomas's mind about me will be with him but I think I'm willing to wager I have the full answer because this appears to be the answer to all similar circumstances I and other people I know have.

At any rate, hope I opened your eyes a little.
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i am raised by mormon parents. i used to believe gordon b hinckley was a man of god. i think much differently now. I remember once in 2010, i had a new girlfriend, and i tried to share with her the book of mormon, i was reading it one evening and i had also in previous months began to be able to communicate with my god much better, i had him talking back to me in my head, having conversations with him, and sometimes having him answer questions for me. well, i tried really hard many many times to get him to confirm to me that the book of mormon was true. i laugh at it now, cause he, was ****** empty. he had no confirmation for me whatsoever that that piece of **** was at all true. i hate the mormon religion just as god hates all religions as they are based on some manipulated and twisted versions of ancient truth, and also based on pseudo-bullcrap that has no basis in ancient truth, only basis on superficial emotional feeling.

He who has the gold makes the rules and history that supports getting too close to the truth may not be supported by the powers that be. many burials of warriors clad in battle armor have been recovered in north america. Large remains of people above 7 feet tall have been recovered but when they're reported the Smithsonian has notoriously intervened to keep the discoveries from being uncovered. taking the findings without publishing them and shipping them to places where they get intentionally lost or discarded has been a common occurrence according to my research for both types of finds the Kennewick man found in Washington was neither tall nor battle armor clad but it did seep through to challenge the history people had been taught up to that point because it was confirmation that Caucasian humans existed in north America many thousands of years ago. I don't like most LDS people but I try to treat them as I want to be treated. I believe Joseph Smith was the real deal but that the prophets since then don't have the depth worthy of impressing me. I wouldn't have governed the church the way it has been and my approach to each standard would be handled differently.

yeah, i can definately understand the last few sentences there. i dislike the church, but often trying to discuss that just brings up bad emotions so i'm working on just forgetting about it and creating my life how i see fit.
however, as far as ancient caucasian north americans, that's actually the story not told around the world, many egyptians had light skin and some red hair, there are still remnants of aryan light skinned peoples in areas in the middle east, caucasians were once across the globe, but many declined into non-existance, as is the unfortunate future for many areas that used to be dominated by caucasians, but have slowly over the years succombed to immigration and such. south africa has got to be one of the worst examples, down there, they don't try to police the many deadly racist blacks that have slaughtered well over 100K caucasians in the past few years. great brittian is so full of immigrants, any remaining caucasians are drowned out, similar stories in many other major european cities, paris, rome, etc.

the story of the soultrean migration from europe to north america is very fascinating. it happened many thousands of years prior to the immigration of asian ethnicities over the bearing straight land bridge. the soultreans came across the north atlantic, along the edge of the ice that existed at incredibly low latitudes then. using seals to feed them on their voyage across the vast sea. then they were the first to populate the great north american continent, and could be explanation for much of the ancient caucasian races in north america. maybe vikings and others came later and also settled.

All I can suggest is that the LDS movement is a test and a puzzle. Don't assume the people you don't like are doing the right thing, just assume you don't understand why they go to church and spend time on a religion that doesn't resonate with you. In total I predict in the near future the leadership will learn to relax a little more and learn better ways to explain some of the fundamentals of the religion.

there is an old definition of luciferianism. basically, sort of freedom to do whatever one wants. no rules, no principals, etc.

I believe that god(s) created the universe with certain programming, certain mathematics that power it, certain fundamental ways things work. Deviating from these types of fundamental maths, just doesn't add up, it doesn't ever last long term, maybe temporarily, but if the math of what luciferians are doing, isn't the same math as the fundamentals of the universe, it's not going to have the everlasting properties that the proper math does. it's going to fail, and it does fail, every time, even if it takes a 'long time' to fail, a long time by weak human definitions of time. so if something doesn't resonate with me, either my senses aren't sharp enough to feel the resonance and the powerful math it has, or the math and the people and the actions and the choices, they just don't add up to jack ****. yet were supposed to be tolerant or some bullshit. maybe tolerance is the proper math, but I think the real math would be being an elightened enough being to set the fool straight. in a way that they aren't forced straight, but you simply show them the real straight path, not the millions of fake ones.

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