Why Do I Target Celebrities For Mind Reading

A few reasons.

The main reason is there is a lot more going on in the mind of most celebrities than the average person.

Sometimes there are people I know who show up while I dream or on the astral plane that I mention but who really cares about them? They don't even know them so most people tend to care a lot less. If I simply mention someone anyone might know then I can teach a lot more.

All the greatest were great teachers.

I'll put together a way to reach many people in the future but people generally want a lot more magic than I'm capable of at the moment. Time and polishing first. Growth leads to a better finalized product and without money I can't take a run at something promising until I can do many things at will that people find fascinating.

And the top reason is people worship success! It appears most people don't care what kind, just be top at what you do and it'll probably be enough to invoke fan-dom, stardom or at worst, some infamy.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 16, 2013