Would You?

What would you say if you could see my tears?  Would you say anything at all? Would you hold me and tell me everything would be okay when you have doubts yourself?  Would you accept my tears as part of me or would you run away?  I do not know how to wake up from the darkness as it is part of my soul.   I can taste the tears as they flow down my face, cleansing the pain from my heart and soul.
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Where-from the darkness comes, I do not know. This, what comes now will not be an instant help, but remember as it has been explained by an old wise man, very, very long ago and it still makes sense, I think:<br />
"With tears gone, people’s hearts become numb and cold, just as what Poet Su Dongpo says, “One sheds no tears when getting used to seeing life and death”. By then the shadow of the grave will shroud your declining years. Tears are the affirmation of life. Whenever I see people shed tears, whether they cry because of the disappointment in love or because of the loss of relatives, I feel that life is worth living. Tears are really sweet dews of life."<br />
And then I'll hold you for as long as you like and as many times you would need. Hoping those words sink in.<br />
The words that say; you have a kind heart, you are worth loving, you're therefore are not numb you feel, you live....... and yes that can be very very hard.....<br />

deep dude...deep

the dark is apart of us you cant escape it but you can learn to tame it and live with it use it, to better yourself and forget the haters and all the bs that troubles, all the crap that plagues you. An all the tribulations that leave you in ruin. Know this that we all fall for reason.... to get back up and rebuild ourselves into something stronger

I'll be here to console you and cheer you up, I think the more you think about it, the deeper you get into that feeling, but we need to cry sometimes to wash away that sadness, for then you can feel good, and start a new day without anything bothering you, I hope you feel better mama *hugs*

I'm sure you meant this for someone special, but I would hug you tight and tell you it's good to let it out and to cry. Then we would eat chocolate cheesecake and laugh our butts off.... that's good, too!! Bless you sweet friend :)

I missed your comment Sara because I was on my cell. I would cry with you too.

Awww I could use tissue right now. I have used all of mine blowing my nose with this cold.

Yes NS. I am certain they are brine though.<br />
<br />
Pfun, Thanks.

Awww thanks.


I'm sure I would cry too, feeling your pain.... but I would also wrap my arms around you and tell you how much you are loved by all your friends.

Awwww thank you baby.

Anything that hurts you hurts me baby

Awwww thanks.

Awwww you are sweet.

Thanks y'all.

I wouldn't run away, we all have pain in our lives. Yes if you were here I would give you a hug and tell you everythings gonna be alright!