I Can Tell About A Person By Their Personal Stories And Ep Groups

Usually before I accept a person into my circle, I do a scan of their personal stories and EP groups. This is my preference to get a ideal of what type of person I will be associating myself with and to avoid future, trash talking, perverted jestures, ignorant comments, rude statements to others, warpped mindsets and so on. Some may say this is a form of judging but I disagree and use this method to define who they are to prevent any offense when I do a EP Clean Sweep. Many people invite people into their circle realizing later that this EP Clean Sweep method needs to be implemented. I often inbox after a request is made with a question of why did you choose me, have you scanned my paged and what 3 things can you tell me about myself based on viewing my stories and EP groups?  I recently invited a indiviual to my circle and when asked why did he choose me , the First response was " you're hot" which was the wrong response.If that is all you see when you view my EP page then your motive is wrong in the first place. I am so paticular about my circle because the company that you keep tells a lot about you as a person. So! be very selective, know your circle and who you associate yourself with because you can really tell much about a person by their stories and EP Groups.
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I love that you wrote this! I also do the same before adding people to my circle. In the past, I indeed added anyone who wanted into my circle, but learned not all of them were seeking just a friend....so I had to let them go. I make sure to check their groups and stories, and if the person is new....I kindly send them a message to tell them I will not add them until they add something to their profile.

yeah she's telling the truth everyone :) i do the same before i add as well...nice ms wisdom