Getting The Most From Your Collared Slave:

To get the most from Your slave, You need give it basically, three things: 
1. The whip
2. Some loving
3. Appreciation.  Far more appreciation than whip and love, put together.

Your slave takes Your whip, because the whip and the slave are each Yours, to do with as You choose.  Nothing special or noteworthy, here. 
Your slave accepts loving, because deep down inside, it is human, and all humans want to be loved.  slaves do not live for loving, either! 
Appreciation is where the slave's identity lives.  it NEEDS to know it has made Your life better:  More pleasant, more smooth, more fun, more of anything You cherish. 
Your appreciation for the work and other services it provides You, presses the slave's buttons!  slaves live to serve.  Knowing You have benefitted from that service, appreciated that service, and have told it so, makes Your slave full of warm fuzzy contentment. 
The ineffable feeling of rightness and fulfillment You feel when You are being served, is what Your slave feels when it receives the knowledge You have been improved by its service. 

Now, I assume every slave is collared.  Wearing Master’s collar reminds it it is Owned.  That there is someone looking out for it.  Someone to provide whatever kind of help might be needed.  Someone who WANTS it!  Someone from whom it can receive the help, guidance, education, disciplinary action, and control, which only You can provide it. 
The slave's wearing Your collar reminds it there are standards it needs to meet.  That You care whether it performs properly or not.  That You have committed to keep it!  Your collar on Your slave is a symbol of Your commitment to Your slave, a tangible symbol which it can feel at any time! 

Whether a boy slave, or a girl slave:  Every slave needs an Owner’s collar on it. 
Whether a Man Owner, or a Woman Owner:  Every Owner needs keys to a collar with a slave inside. 
That's just how it is...
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Well spoken. I find the relationship reciprocal, as the appreciation feeds the desire of the slave/submissive to achieve more. The more that is achieved, the more satisfied the Master/Mistress.

this one also wanted to say that this explanation is amazing and spot on. It articulates the feelings of a slave and a master in such a way that this one has not seen anywhere and in few to the point words. this one also apologizes for any misspellings or grammar problems she has. she knows that she isn't very good at articulating her thoughts on paper correctly, she tried to use spell check as best she could. ^-^

This one has seen pet/slaves be refuted to by their by everything from their name/a given name to 'it' or simple 'pet' or 'slave'. The constant that this one sees is how the slave refers to themselves and their master. All the pets/slaves this one has seen and whenever this one has been a pet/slave she was taught to use 'this one', 'she/he', or 'kari' (a name this one was called int he past). So basically third person because this one knows she is property (unowned currently and unfortunately..) as for how to address master pet would simply call them Master. when written always capital. this is of course unless the pet is told otherwise by there master.

This is the way with many Masters; however, many will not refer to the slave as it. Master's, like slaves are of many types. Take a look at for more information.

I personally want to be a slave. I don't know how to find a master though, but in my opinion I am oddly aroused by the idea of being property and there for "it" would seem like a cold yet appropriate term for me.

A slave is property. As property it does not need a name. I've read many posts by slaves where they refer to themselves as "it" meaning they acknowledge themselves as property. Actually in a lot of the posts masters are more apt to refer to their property by some name and as the master here said the slave appreciates it.

As a new, first-time slave, I am doing a great deal of reading and studying about Dominance/submission and this is the first writing I've seen where the slave was referred to as "it". I shuddered when I read that. My own Master has never, to my knowledge, referred to me in such manner. <br />
<br />
Is it the established norm to refer to a slave as "it"? If so, and if my Master chooses to refer to me that way, then I will learn to live with it. I know it will be difficult for me, at least for a while, but for my Master I will do it.

Very nicely put Sir, Very Nicely.

Yes, I agree in most of what the Master says. I´ve myself been a slave to a Master. I was an ob<x>ject, <br />
(= it) not a person, my needs were none, the Masters needs were all that mattered.

Master, please tell me why you refer to your slaves as 'IT'? I believe in all ways you are right. Submitting to my own master is born out of a deep need to serve, as is wanting to enter in ANR. However, is it part of being submissive that a person must lose their sense of self, hence 'it'?<br />
What if the slave is defiant and outspoken to the point that her Master dispairs of her?<br />
How woud you bring a slave to understand their role and serve without question?

i crave a collar

Aye one does, sir, smashing peg to it.

WOW, I'm excited!