A Dying Art?

This is one of those little acts that is sadly becoming a lost art. There weren't any shoes with Velcro straps when I was growing up, so it was learn to tie your shoes or be stuck with shuffling around all day long.  About one of the only things I consistently enjoyed throughout winter was the fact my boots didn't need to be tied when I put them on.

Learning to tie one's own shoes used to be like a right of passage, you know?  A little victory on the road towards becoming a bigger, more confident child.  It was cruel, I realize now, but kids who still couldn't tie their shoes were labelled as babies.  You know, my daughter is eight now, I don't know if she knows how to do that.  Her shoes do have Velcro.  Seems everything nowadays comes with zippers, buckles, snaps, clips, locks, vices, and fasteners.  Are people today so inconvenienced that they can't spend a few seconds to tie up something?  Even my first knapsack -- a massive thing capable of carrying more than any sixth grader should be allowed -- had a drawstring at the top.  When I buy new runners it's still with strings to tie.  I've had shoes with the Velcro straps, but far and few between. 

So, be honest with me, everyone.  Am I turning into a dinosaur?  Do people look at people like me, tying their shoes, and shake their head sadly, whispring "What a waste of time," to their neighbour.  I'm old fashion in other ways too, which I don't need to get into here.  But one thing I know I can do, at least, is tie my own shoes.
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Dec 1, 2012