I Can't Stop Time Traveling.

I first noticed being able to time travel when I was celebrating my 18th birthday. I had an epiphany. I realized I had just traveled 18 years into the future. I shared this dramatic discovery with my closest friends and family. At first they laughed it off but after months of continuously trying to prove that I can travel 1 second into the future, the government got in contact with me. I knew they would come to try to do experiments and study me so I ran. They showed up in white lab coats in a van marked as the Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, obviously as a cover. I saw through their clever disguise. I tossed the microwave through the kitchen window and made my escape only after heating up a Poptart to take with me for sustenance. The road would be long and harsh but I was prepared to risk everything to get the truth out. There were moments were I had bouts of doubt and confusion but I shook those demons out of my head and I continued down the path. Along the way I befriended a homeless man by the name of Jack Thompson. He was wise and apparently the government had been after him for years. He vanished from society after they realized he could manipulate air with his hands. We had a falling out after I caught him doing something indecent with my sock. I eventually threw that sock away since it caused a rash on my foot. I digress. I am still on the run and have been updating the media on my whereabouts via the interwebs. I'm posting here in hopes that I find others with similar extraordinary abilities.
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Your not the only time traveler. I can go to any time in history. The government can't get ne because every time they try I can tine travel back into my past self body.

What did you see from the further


Dude, you need to see a doc.