Do What They Do, I Thought

In my late teens, I worked for a pharmacy. I was head of the photo department so I worked open to close everyday, including holidays. After a long day like that, you are to tired to make supper or pack a lunch for the next day. In the ***** mall we were in was this great Chinese carry-out place. I figured if i was going to eat the food on a regular basis, I should know how to eat with the utensils the Chinese use. I learned real quick how to use them and got real good at it. It took me another 12 years to learn how to eat rice with chopsticks. I had went to a Chinese buffet with my now deceased husband and we had a Korean waitress. She was the one to show me a secret to eating rice with chopsticks and showed my husband a trick to eating crab legs with chopsticks. I hook up with my current partner, who while in the Navy spent time in Japan and China, told me that the Asians use spoons to eat their rice, not chopsticks. What a twist, huh?
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I'm jealous!

it takes practice, lots of practice.