I don't!!

But i'm eager to know how to use the chopsticks!!

Does anybody have any good tips to share on learning use chopsticks???
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1 Response Apr 20, 2011

I eat with chopsticks. When I eat Chinese food, there is no other utensil that I eat it with, unless it's a soup, then I use a spoon, but then again if there are chunky pieces of food in the soup, I use the chopsticks for that.<br />
Simply hold one chopstick like it's a pencil. Then take the other chopstick and put it right next to the other chopstick but closer to the index finger. The one that's closer to the thumb, you keep still, but the other one that's next to it and closer to the index finger, you leave loose, so you could use it to pick up the food. Like a tweaser. Remember that as you pick up the food, to keep the other chopstick closer to the thumb still, while you move the one closer on the index finger to the till one, as you dive into the food, you move that loose chopstick to the still one to grab the food. I am probably repeating myself here and there, but only so you could get a visual picture in your mind of what I mean so it could help you.<br />
It's fun and you will love eating with them. Once you do, you will never want to eat Chinese food with a fork again. Good luck and enjoy.