Change Chopsticks Into Hair Ornaments

I've noticed in western magazines that some women look like they are wearing chopsticks in their hair. I'm thinking to myself , "Chopsticks should be used only for eating or cooking, not for putting in hair. What would they think if we Asian girls used forks and spoons as hair ornaments? They would laugh, right?"

So-named "hair sticks" were an invention of a US hair designer who thought an Asian-looking hair accessory would look chic. But some of these styles of bamboo or wooden hair sticks look exactly like plain old painted chopsticks.

If you have any of this kind, you can change them from looking like eating utensils into authentic-looking hair ornaments by just attaching a bauble, tassel or other decoration to the end of the sticks. Voila! 

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4 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Useful for any occasion- imagine hair ornaments and self-defense weapons marvelous!

I don't think women need to put anything in their hair other than an occasional flower, especially if it's long like yours. Wear it down and natural. We men like it that way.

Not only is that innovative ,and adds a bit of danger . Now we getting hot .! Butter me up LOL .

Here a thought ,men generally like women that are innovative . When a women uses chopstick or pencil to put up their hair , it kind of a turn on .