I Can Say I Can

When I first tried high heels on I was very excited until I almost twisted my ankles a few times. My toes also felt uncomfortable because they felt squished and my feet kinda hurt. But I put my mind to it and decided I wasn't gonna take them off 'till I learned how to. And after some minutes I finally got the hang of it and could even walk in a straight sexy line just like the models do. Its definitely not a problem wearing them now and I love the way they curve my feet and how feminine they make me feel. I love to walk around the house with heels and color matching stockings, panties and bra :D
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I've been practicing the art of heels for years. Walking around the house is great, but, if you dare go outside, it's another world.<br />
After walking a hard pavement for a mile or two, you start to discover muscles in your legs that you didn't know you had. There is so much more concentration needed on where you put your feet. Then you have to keep am eye out for people, if your trying not to be spotted. It all distracts from the burn in your feet and legs.<br />
Then one day I went to see the rocky horror picture show. All that lovely practice paid off. I was practically skipping down the street between the car park and the theatre. Everyone else was going so careful and kept asking me how I walked so naturally in heels, those heels, their so high.<br />
That was awesome!