I love high heels, I wonder if it's because being a dancer I am use to being on my toes and feet arched. I love to clean in heels too, maybe I am just weird. I have a friend staying with me it was suppose to be a few weeks now he is still here, lol, just said to me the other day how he does not understand how I keep my heels on when I am at home...maybe I am just odd!
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But I'm sure he loves watching you in your heels cleaning and running around your home. If he doesn't there is something seriously wrong with him... :)

If my wife understood just how much I love cleaning in heels and a tight dress, our house would be spotless. Just lay out my outfit and go take a bath, I'll bring you some wine and you won't have to do anything. Then I'd take care of any of her other "needs ", I am good at that ;-)

Ha ha, yeah. That would be great.

Now why does that sound so familiar? An echo of what goes on in my own mind!

No more odd than me, and I'm a man!

I love cleaning in heels too. Makes a mundane task more pretty :-D

That's really hot

Totally agree live cleaning in high heels too