I found a pair of stilts that my parents had bought from the thriftshop probably years earlier. This was before second grade. I decided I wanted to learn how to walk on stilts. This was really my first time experiencing something I found myself wanting to give up on. My dad described this new-found feeling as climbing up a bell curve.
Eventually, I got to the top. I could walk on hand held stilts!

Then, my dad built me some regular stilts. I was proud of the skill I had, and it sure seemed to impress people. :) I could walk down steps, through mulch.. anywhere in the yard. lol
I still have a pair that my dad built me from when I was younger. They don't fit great, but it's still fun to put them on and walk around. It's a skill that you can't really lose- like knowing how to ride a bike.

Stilts aren't just a symbol of my determination and perseverance (overstatement? :P) as a kid. They remind me of my dad when we were all younger.
pitapockets pitapockets
Jun 14, 2011