Wristcutters: A Love Story

I'm a bit of a 'hopeless romantic', but most love stories make me want to vomit. They tend to be predictable and corny, in my opinion.

That being said, 'Wristcutters: A Love Story' is in my top 5 and I am hesitant not to call it my favourite movie.

Wristcutters is a love story which takes place in purgatory. Most characters in the movie have committed suicide in life. They are now cursed to live this pseudo-life with everyone else who has "off'd" themselves. No one is able to smile - even if they wanted to!

Most of the movie is devoid of emotion and is rather slow (what do you expect when it is set in purgatory) but it is filled with dark, twisted humour - to which I can totally relate. Wristcutters is one strange movie but the ending is worth every minute. Every time I watch it I am filled with renewed hope. I once watched it 3 times in a row!

I recommend this movie to anyone who has ever thought - or is currently thinking - of suicide; just make sure you watch to the end!

I am going to put it on right now :)
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2 Responses Mar 20, 2012

I loved this movie too. It was so weird, but familiar somehow.

I loved this movie! I totally agree with you on the dark humor but it was really delivered well. I'm not sure what kind of music your into but his best friend in the movie is the lead singer of "Googol Bordello" they are gypsy punk similar to Flogging molly. a few other movies I really liked were "It's Kind of a Funny Story" also a romantic comedy that is worth checking out if your thinking about exiting this world, and for some reason I loved Charlie Bartlet as well. but great call on this film.

Wow, funny story: I was working in a record store and a co-worker said she knew Googol Bordello was considered gypsy punk but admitted she wasn't sure what they type of music sounds like. I told her it was like the song from Wristcutters that goes.. "When there is trap, set up for you, in every corner of the room..." (yah I sang it...). She understood immediately. Little did I know I was referencing Googol Bordello himself hahaha. Thanks for the info!

lol I love when things like that happen! glad I could bring that to your attention. I guess they have a bad *** documentary on netflix right now. worth checking out if you get a chance. and if you have any other movie or music suggestions feel free to send them my way.