Let The Right One In

Let the Right One In is a movie that will probably never get old for me. I don't watch it too often, but it's the perfect movie to watch at night when everyone's asleep and the volume stands low, or on a cloudy/rainy Sunday afternoon when you feel like watching something laid back but that still drags you in enough to be entertaining. There's something enchanting about this movie that is really unique, and I think that has a lot to do with the two brilliantly casted young actors, who carry the movie with seemingly natural ease. It's special how two kids that age can have an onscreen chemistry like that. Especially the girl is almost spookily perfect, she has this amazing, otherwordly charisma about her that is perfect for her role.
I've known this movie for a few years now, and I never really stopped thinking about it. That's what proofs for me that this truly is a good movie. It's not flawless, but it's so different from anything I've seen and made such a lasting impresssion on me that I think it's worth watching for every filmlover.

Anyone who has seen it? If you haven't, this is not a movie for everyone. It's very arthouse and moves slow, and at first it may seem a bit boring, but if you're patient and are open to it you will be rewarded. If you've seen the ending you'll (hopefully) think it was worth it.

Just, a very special movie.
XLibertineX XLibertineX
18-21, F
May 31, 2012