So, it's no problem for me to watch movies a zillion time, for I'm a super cinema addicted. And by "cinema" I mean real films, not gloopy ****** stuff.
Anyway, for example, I've watched "Inception" by my all time favourite Christopher Nolan, like, 48 times, or same with Americam Beauty by Sam Mendes, or Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko, Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock, and so on, so on.
But there's one and only film I would watch constantly and forever. And its name is "A Clockwork Orange".

So, me being a real huge fan of Stanley J. Kubrick masterpieces, this film messed me up completely. Everything it's as perfect and pure and beautiful as a movie could ever be.
Take the first scene: brilliant and gorgeous Malcolm McDowell staring at you with those deep blue eyes, sitting in the Korova Milk Bar, peeting a glass of moloko, never looking away from you one bit, and meanwhile you can admire the splendid cinematography of John Alcott and be infuenced by the disturbing yet fascinating musicality of Walter Carlos. You feel the clockwork orange, and you get part of it.
That's just how Stanley J. Kubrick works.

I have never found a film like this in my entire full-of-movies life.
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18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014