This tho has not always been the case with my movie viewing,but there are some that I will watch over and over and over again..but those ones are only a hand full..there are many many more out there..and a lot of them were real bombs..and those are the ones that were not at all good in the movie theaters and they went to television faster then a humming bird flaps its wings.

They then make their standard 300 reruns on the Movie packages most times..bought by the television company's for a good ans cheaper deal so these movies can at least make a few more dollars..
(and for some that is all really do they make )...they are ones that I do not nor would I watch over and over..most are pretty bad and lame movies..they just do not as often make movies now like they used too..but also the scripts are just as bad as well.on a lot of can watch it once..or even half of it..and when its on again..and you see it..and you can lip sing every word because really there was no real language in it anyways..but then again movies are either like them or you do not..take care
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Sep 2, 2014