The Beauty In The Sky

Anywhere I go, I try to look up now and again. each time the beauty of it, captivates me and I drift off into my own world. It has an unique ability to make you feel at peace. Knowing something bigger is out there then the worlds problems.


When my own reality gets to me, I simply look up in wonder. I could easily get lost there for hours. Each second a new picture is painted. It's truely amazing how beautiful the world could be if you take time to see it. 

The sky can be painted in glorious colours making our world so beautiful and each time you do look up, it's an unique moment but the feeling of peace and wonderment never really chances. 
















































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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

beautiful insightful thoughtful and F A N T A S T I C job... I so enjoy your work .......:)

I like the vivid oranges in the sun-setting sky.