Can We Count The Number Of Grains Of Sand Found In The Sahara Desert I Think We Can

and here is how it can be done,first take a container 1/4 of an inch squire,and fill it with sand,now tip it out ,count the grains of sand found, now you do the number found times that of 48 so you now have the total for 48 times 1/4 of an inch which is 1 foot ,now look at the number of foot per mile,then we look at the number of squire miles of the sahara desert ,so now we have the total grains of sand found in the sahara desert so if it is 100 foot deep ,you do 100 times the final total ,to find the total grains of sand,i will give those an other sore head later, by given you more fun learning story's.
danielm85948 danielm85948
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May 22, 2012