Single-minded Determination

‪Him‬: pay attention M
or you will not ***

~ chat with Milky, 6 January 2012

When I read his words, a little chill went down my spine.  The man was threatening me with some pretty serious consequences if I didn't focus.  He refuses to be sidetracked, you see.  I've noticed this a couple of times over our brief courtship.  The first few he tolerated, simply not responding when I sought to joke a bit as he pursued my ******.  He didn't give me an "lol" or a "smiles" or anything.  Just continued on with his ministrations.  The man has a good sense of humour, and he often gifts me with an expression of appreciation when I jest, but when he is writing to make me ***, he will not be diverted from his goal. 

His warning was succinct.  If I goofed around, this wasn't going to work.  And of course he's right.  Making a joke is all well and good normally, but when one's engaged in setting a mood to **** and achieve lift off, getting giggly is more than a little counterproductive.  The thing is that I'm a joker.  But climaxes are not a joking matter, and his words caught my attention precisely as he'd intended.

He's good at controlling conditions, at manipulating me, at making me ***.  I'm a fortunate woman to have such a lover.  Many men are not adept.  I've met a handful of them these past two years who know what they're doing, who can bring me to that happy place with a word or two.  It's a precious thing, something I never take for granted.  And I'd be goddamned if I was going to screw it up by being a clown.

Him‬: you have been wet for a bit it would seem
‪me‬: I have, yes
can you play?
‪Him‬: no baby.....but you can
‪me‬: oh, J
‪Him‬: was I in your head?   you'd written "And may I just say that Your commentary on this had me fingering myself, listening to Your voice in my head saying the things You'd written.  So hot."
‪me‬: * blush * You know You were
You are
‪Him‬: you fingered yourself...but no ***?
‪me‬: yes, love
‪Him‬: wearing now?
‪me‬: green negligee
‪Him‬: matching panties?
‪me‬: no panties
Him‬: oh my 
so open

‪me‬: it is
slit up the side
breasts covered in lace
nipples visible
Him‬: hard?
‪me‬: oui
Him‬: 3 fingers M
‪me‬: yes, J
Him‬: NOW
‪me‬: yes
Him‬: NOW
‪me‬: o
Him‬: into your *****
‪me‬: I figured, Tex
Him‬: **** it for Me
‪me‬: I didn't think you wanted me to stick 'em in my ear
Him‬: pay attention M 
or you will not ***

‪me‬: yes, J, I will
Him‬: **** yourself
‪me‬: oh, yes
Him‬: faster baby
**** that lil *****

‪me‬: breathing hard
‪Him‬: take my fingers
‪me‬: so wet
‪Him‬: all of them
‪me‬: oh god J
‪Him‬: feel them opening you up
‪me‬: yes
‪Him‬: **** My lil *****
**** it baby

‪me‬: OH
‪Him‬: **** it like I was there
‪me‬: GOD
‪Him‬: ******* harder
‪me‬: YES
‪Him‬: take it ****
‪me‬: YES
‪Him‬: My lil ****
‪me‬: oh J
I am Yours
milkynips milkynips
46-50, F
Jan 7, 2013