Does It Really Matter In the End???

I am so sick of watching the news and the "countdown" to when Paris Hilton gets out of jail or if Britney Spears is having another breakdown.  Not to mention the Danilyn Smith saga and all the drama on who is the daddy.  Can't we as people focus on what really is happening?  Or are we too busy burying ourselves in the sand of media fluff?

America is in a war, thousands have died for a cause that somehow we've seem to lost sight of.  Parents, spouses, and friends are losing their loved ones everyday to insurgents in Iraq.  As many men and women are coming back with missing limbs from IEDs, a whole generation is now permanently marred by a "war on terrorism" that isn't ending.  And back home in the good USA we care about Paris Hilton getting out of jail?  What about our troops and their loved ones that are battling the war everyday, golden stars are now prominent on the lapels of our neighbors, and we still focus on such nonsense.

Our country, our world, our way of life is in turmoil.  Young, vibrant people are being kidnapped and later killed out of our Target parking lots, pregnant women vanish from their homes, and news of mothers killing their children is common place.  All of this is an indicator that our world, our focus needs to change.  

How do we change from the voyeuristic society that would rather gawk at the suffering than to lend a hand? How do we change the focus on what really matters?  Instead of gossip TV and self destructive celebrities, let's focus on our children, our neighbors, and the well being of our world.  If wouldn't take much, just a shift of our focus. 

If we turned our focus into making our world better and turn away from the fluff, slowly things would change.  If we focus on the education of our children, pressuring the politicians to bring our troops home, and looking out for one another things would change.  Just imagine the possibilities?

It only takes a conscious choice to stop being the unwilling participant and to switch off the TV when the fluff comes on.  Don't buy the gossip mags and do something selfless for your community.   Help out the single mother/father that you know.  Lend support to a family member that has a loved one in Iraq or has lost someone to the war.  Take a moment to look around and make sure that people around you are safe.  It just takes a moment to make a huge difference.

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2 Responses Jun 22, 2007

bono - your born -you grow - you **** - you bring up children - you **** some more - then you die - everything else going on round about you is a distraction

ditto! i'm exhausted by the meaningless chatter of celebrities and heiresses ... it's disgusting and has no real meaning to the world. there are so many other things going on in this world we should be paying attention to, yet we aren't. msnbc did a poll tonight about jihad. the vast majority replied being up to date on paris hilton but knowing nothing of the jihad we sit on the brink of ... *sighs of disgust*