All My Life ... Never Met Another!

All my life I have been able to write script forward and backward... since I was able to write. I can also write with my left and right hand at the same time but mirrored. It is funny because I was sent to speech class as a kindergarten child for 7 years missing all extra curricular classes and was not able to read until 3rd grade. As soon as I was able to I was an excellent student in all subject except math.
I began drawing seriously in the 5Th grade and was highly advanced by high school...I ended up going to Parsons School of Design in NYC for my  BFA.
I have never met anyone else who has this quirky trait, but it provides great entertainment to school age  children!
3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Math is my weak subject and I am not artistic but I do write backward with my left hand and can write with both hands simultaneously as long as it is the same thing and it is also mirrored. I have also never met anyone who can do this. The brain is an amazing thing.

WOW, You sound just like me!!!! Hard time reading, can write backwards cursive with both hands. Excel in math, and am a great artist. Very Cool!!! :D Im glad Im not alone in the world!

I also can simultaneously write with my left & right hand.<br />
I was with a girlfriend on afternoon messing around and i was using sign language,<br />
then i said, "look, I'm a simultaneous-ambidextrous sign languager. Then i said, <br />
" I wonder if i can write with both hands at the same time" ( writing the same 'sentence')<br />
And.. i could.