I Have Discovered....

I have discovered that I can write words better than I can speak.Usually I'm very calm and just speak what ever is necessary.
I think i have good writing ability and people have appreciated me for that.May be that is the reason why I spend my time here in EP as I get LOTS of space to express myself ! It is true if someone meets me in personal they would be probably be thinking how can this guy be so calm but it is true.I don't even know why I am this way.May be I'm meant to be this way.I don't mind being extroverted online because I have realized that people feel better with my comments and suggestions.As long as my writing helps others I will continue doing so.
Perhaps whatever optimism I'm displaying now is the result of all the good and inspirational books which I have read in the past.
Sometimes I may make grammatical mistakes while writing but I don't bother about it.I'm doing all this "positive stuff" because I'm really fed up with my life and I realized that I need to transform myself.I used to run away from everything in my life.I was too self-opinionated and foolish and judged others from my own "standards" or "thinking" . I'm glad I have found EP which helped me connect to the world "Virtually" and made me REALIZE that I'm NOT alone with my problems.
I SINCERELY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY thank to all those who have one way or the other helped me in discovering my own strengths and gave me moral support when I needed.(my writing ability,optimism )
Every time I post a comment or read a story ,I could feel that I'm gaining knowledge from others experience and realize that I got an opportunity to at least give some moral support either through a simple gesture or posting a comment or sending a message or a Greeting card.
There are some awesome people here and I'm really happy that I'm friends with them and hope my journey with them becomes beneficial and purposeful! :)
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Personally, I do have some mood swings at times. Whenever it happens, I tell myself that I'm not the only one who feels as such. I do believe that seeking positive and like-minded people who are optimistic about life and living is crucial. Be surrounded by people who reflect what we wish and want out of this life and this world. Although it's unrealistic to have optimism all of the time, it's also undeniably forgiving to know that it's important to embrace even an ion of positivity..... until the pouring of wholesome optimism sets in.... Thank you for sharing, much inspired and transpired.....

thank you very much for your kind words ^_^

What you said here was great. I am also a person who writes words better and more clear than i speak them. What you said about you used to be a person who ran away from everything in your life and you said you were fed up with your life, that's the way i am feeling right now. I haven't been on here very long but reading other peoples experiences, their thoughts and feelings has really helped. And your positivity is brilliant. I enjoyed reading what you said.

Thank you for your kind words!=)My best wishes and Good luck for your future! :D

Thank you :)

You're an awesome person! I'm beginning to understand that pain, loneliness, pessimism, depression, negativity... We feel it in the heart, but it exists solely in the mind. Mind over matter. Positive change comes from positive attitudes. It's not an easy challenge, but nothing good ever came from not doing. You are a POSITIVE BEING!

Thanks man!At times I go into mood swings but luckily I'm able to recover from it after some time.
yup!I'm a POSITIVE BEING and I don't give up that easy!Thank you so much once again! :)