Yes But It Is Not Enough

i can express my self better in writing than in speech

I am not a good writer but rather a very bad speaker

I wan't to express what i feel but how can i write

The pain of losing wonderful people

The pinch of unfulfilled dreams

The glow of new love

The innocence of a baby

The smile of a wonderful heart

The power of giving

How can i describe a brush's movement in the hands of an artist

How can i describe Time and Life

I think there are somethings that can only be felt and cannot be shared no matter how hard i try.

There are times when i find the limits of speech and the words are meaningless

Maybe the only way to communicate is through Silence

but i am not even familiar with the art of silent communication.

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2 Responses May 4, 2012

i felt the same........:(

I understand that Maybe am a person of same mentality.<br />
My stories show me but I am curious about my english which dont support me.